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Thanks for visiting the CSP Open Group! This group invites all who are especially interested in the new AP Computing Science Principles course. Please browse through the open content here, a rich source of material pertaining to the 7 Big Ideas and 6 Computational Thinking Practices of the CSP framework. Here you can learn about the various implementations of the framework. If you have experiences or resources to share, or if you want to bounce ideas around with others involved in CSP, please join by clicking Subscribe to group above.


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Reminder: May 2, AP CSP performance task deadline!


The final deadline to submit performance tasks, indicate exam intent and enter the AP number for AP CSP is fast approaching – May 2, 11:59 p.m. ET.  If your students haven't done so already, it is highly recommended that they submit before the 2nd as in the past the Digital Portfolio website crashes the day the PTs are due because of many last minute submissions.   For support in having students review their Explore PTs,  see the infographic in the link below:  



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NYCDOE CS4All Women's Call to Action

In honor of Women's History Month, see below information about a CS event to empower the female students in your classrooms:

Do you or does someone you know teach 4th or 5th grade, middle school or high school? Then join us and bring friends to the Women's Call to Action on March 9th! Women's History Month is here and we've got a day filled with community building, spirit-rejoicing and coding to bridge the gender gap in computer science! NO coding experience is necessary--  Register here.

 Join #BuiltByGirls' Tiana David KaraGoogle's Peta-Gay ClarkeCS4All’s Alana Robinson and author and keynote speaker, Linda Liukas at the Call to ActionOur superstar programmers will inspire you and answer your questions!

 You'll create a simple website about your passion, what inspires you or a site about amazing female figures in STEM. CS4ALL’s Dr. Christa Quint will lead CS newbies through the creation of "Herstory” websites-- Thimble Websites for Women's History Month. You’ll grab great resources from CS4All and learn how to set up a mentor relationship for MS/HS girls with #BuiltByGirls.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided.  Have friends register asap and share the digital flyer widely.


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Teaching Cybersecurity in CSP (or Any CS Class): Introducing the Security Mindset

Join us for a SIGCSE pre-symposium workshop!

Introducing the Teaching Security lessons

Illustration of a teacher presenting to a class, using familiar cybersecurity symbols

Wednesday, February 27, 2019 (before SIGCSE proper)

8:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon

Greenway A (2nd floor), Hyatt Regency Minneapolis

Free and open to all!

More info: https://teachingsecurity.org/sigcse-2019/

The “Teaching Security” lessons introduce the broad idea of cybersecurity through threat modeling and the human-centered nature of authentication. They are prepared by subject-matter experts with research backgrounds in the technical workings and social implications of cybersecurity. While our lessons were specifically designed to meet the cybersecurity learning objectives in the AP Computer Science Principles framework, they are appropriate for any high school computer science class or program (including dedicated cybersecurity classes).

This will be an interactive workshop for CS educators at all levels; no previous cybersecurity experience required. Participants will learn how to begin developing the “security mindset” by teaching students a simplified version of threat modeling. We will also preview lessons on authentication and social engineering. In addition, the workshop will provide opportunities for attendees who teach cybersecurity learning objectives to share their own strategies.

Why teach cybersecurity? Cybersecurity is vital to a technology-driven society. Daily headlines demonstrate that we cannot ignore the potential security risks inherent to our increasingly more networked lives. Cybersecurity is a growing job field — but even for students that don’t go on to pursue cybersecurity careers, it is crucial to have some level of security awareness! But until very recently, young people were usually not introduced to the intrigue and opportunity of cybersecurity until advanced undergraduate CS courses. However, the real world implications and applied nature of the topic lends itself well to engaging a wide audience, key to catching the interest of a diverse group of students in CS at a younger age.

Presenters: Dan Garcia, Buffie Holley, Serge Egelman, (remotely) Maritza Johnson

For more info and to RSVP: https://teachingsecurity.org/sigcse-2019/


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Webinar - Preparing Students for the AP CSP Exam

As the May 5th exam date draws closer, Dan Garcia, Teaching Professor at UC-Berkeley, and other leaders from the AP CSP community hosted a webinar on Wednesday, April 5 at 4:30pm Pacific/7:30pm Eastern to help prepare your students for the exam. Presenters shared tips and resources, and participants had the opportunity to ask their last-minute questions.  

Below are links related to this webinar:

  • View the webinar recording here.
  • Access additional resources here.
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