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Scratch AR - Let's Get Moving!

One of my goals as a computer science teacher is to showcase the fun, playful, and creative side of computing.  Another goal is to expose my students to relevant, meaningful applications of compute

Learning Spark - I Would Walk Over LEGO's For You!

Many of us have been faced with some very unique and trying situations as we return to k12 school districts, whether it be F2F, a blended hybrid or a 100% virtual to start our 2020-2021 school year

Free Google Technical Writing Courses

Google is offering a series of free technical writing courses designed for professional software engineers, computer science students, and engineering-adjacent roles. The courses assume at least a little writing proficiency in English and are easier to understand if students have some programming background. The courses are:

CompuScholar Free "Summer Skills" PD Registration

CompuScholar's free "Summer Skills" PD opportunity allows any teacher to learn Java, Python, C#, Unity Game Programming, HTML/CSS and more.  Sign up and take an online, self-study class for free from now through Aug 31st.  Register and get started today!