CS in Elementary School

The Elementary School Group provides a forum for teachers from PreK through grade five to discuss innovative ways to implement computer science across the curriculum. Whether you’re just getting started with teaching computer science concepts or you’re an old pro, we invite you to add resources, participate in the discussions, and get to know your colleagues here at CS for All Teachers.


Michelle Swensson
Lisa Rode

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Learning Spark - I Would Walk Over LEGO's For You!

Many of us have been faced with some very unique and trying situations as we return to k12 school districts, whether it be F2F, a blended hybrid or a 100% virtual to start our 2020-2021 school year

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Are you passionate about supporting teachers and implementing equitable #CSforAll initiatives across the country! Do you want to spread your impact beyond your school? If so, BootUp is seeking educators to join our team!