CS in Elementary School

The Elementary School Group provides a forum for teachers from PreK through grade five to discuss innovative ways to implement computer science across the curriculum. Whether you’re just getting started with teaching computer science concepts or you’re an old pro, we invite you to add resources, participate in the discussions, and get to know your colleagues here at CS for All Teachers.


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Connect with a Computer Scientist!

Bring lessons to life by connecting your students with a scientist! The Skype a Scientist program matches classrooms with scientists from a wide range of fields to classrooms around the world.

Picture Books & Coding Concepts

What CS books are in your classroom or school library? Do you have any of the titles below? Ada Lovelace, Poet of Science by Diane Stanley

Celebrate CS, Come On!

Getting CS up and running in your classroom.

Twitter Chat, Monday, June 17th. Format to be determined.  Stay tuned! :)

Getting CS up and running in your classroom


Is this a Webinar?

Candy Hearts Coding (standards included)

Tynker has a free "Conversation Heart" coding activity. Check out the resource in our Elementary Community. This particular exercise can be approached from a variety of academic angles: