The BASICS study examines how Exploring Computer Science (ECS), is implemented in schools with a focus on identifying the key supports for and barriers to that implementation and endurance.

Outlier Research & Evaluation at UChicago STEM Education | University of Chicago supports the CS education community efforts through the following BASICS study (Barriers and Supports to Implementing Computer Science) project goals: (1) Informing CS education leaders and practitioners about the supports and barriers to high school CS education implementation and providing strategies for addressing them; (2) Providing tools for measuring CS program implementation and the supports and barriers that implementation; and (3) Creating resources from research findings and recommendations that will be useful to the CS education field.

This study builds on Outlier's previous NSF work rigorously studying implementation of educational innovations (new practices and programs) and the factors that affect innovation implementation and sustainability.

We are currently working to finalize development of, and identify avenues to share valid and reliable instruments (student questionnaire, teacher questionnaire) that measure implementation of ECS instructional materials (i.e., how the ECS curriculum is used in practice as well as the supports and barriers to that use). This work stems from Outlier's belief that the growth and endurace of K12 CS education is reliant on systematic study of instructional materials implementation and the alignment of efforts to collect and describe implementation data.

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Principal Investigator(s):  Sarah Wille, Outlier Research & Evaluation | University of Chicago and Jeanne Century, Outlier Research & Evaluation | University of ChicagoUniversity of Chicago


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