Webinar: Integrating CS Across the PreK-12 Curriculum

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On October 28, the CS10K Community welcomed a number of state and national leaders to discuss how best to integrate computer science from preschool to high school in order to build a more robust learning continuum. In most of today’s schools, students are limited to learning about computer science through courses in high school. What would happen if the basics of computer science were taught in PreK-8 math and science classes? How might this continuum for learning help to broaden opportunities, particularly for those students in underrepresented populations? We delved into these critical questions with: 

  • Dr. David Evans, Executive Director, National Science Teachers Association
  • Ms. Cindy Hasselbring, Special Assistant to the Maryland State Superintendent of Schools
  • Dr. Tom Keller, Senior Research Scientist of the Maine Math and Science Alliance and PI for the NSF Maine STEM+C project 
  • Dr. Matthew Larson, President-Elect, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
  • Ms. Irene Lee, CT Task Force Chair, Computer Science Teachers Association, and PI for the NSF CS10K project, New Mexico CS for All

Missed the webinar? Watch the recording and take a look at the resources below. Remember to check out our YouTube channel for more recordings and videos made by our community ambassadors!