What ETHICS topics and Associated Resources Do You Incorporate In Your CS Classroom?

Hello MS World!

I recently came across the article, “Embedding Ethics In the Computer Science Curriculum”, and found it to be an interesting read. To quickly summarize, the Harvard CS Department co-taught a course with their Philosophy department titled, “Intelligent Systems: Design and Ethical Challenges”. The course and its underlying ideas turned out to be so successful that it sparked a new initiative named Embedded EthiCS, where members of the Philosophy and CS Departments get together to review CS course content, identify areas in the curriculum where ethical issues naturally arise, and then incorporate those topics into the curriculum.

One of the best quotes from the article was this, by Alison Simmons, Samuel H. Wolcott Professor of Philosophy at Harvard: “Standalone [CS] courses can be great, but they can send the message that ethics is something that you think about after you’ve done your ‘real’ computer science work.”

As I think about my remaining CS classes for this year, and the summer camps that I will teach, one of my goals is to incorporate more ethics discussions/activities. I'd like to both start and end my units with an ethics discussion.

This week, I’d like for you to share some of the topics you incorporate, and the resources you use to engage your students.

Here are some topics and tools to get the conversation started:  

What ethics topics do you choose to include for MS? What videos, articles, resources do you use? Please share below!