Values and Impacts of Computer Science Education

Values and Impacts of Computer Science Education

Exploring Computer Science can be credited as leading the charge in developing curriculum to address issues of equity and access to High Quality Computer Science Education, with a fully developed curriculum available for no cost. This creates a great opportunity both for teachers new to teaching CS with a fully developed curriculum and students new to learning CS accessible curriculum to support their learning as they begin their journey of learning CS. It can’t be overstated the broad impacts gleaned from implementing CS. Making connections to align values to impacts gleaned through CS implementation is a key step at ensuring sustainability. The graphic below developed as part of the CS Visions Activity highlights 7 impacts gleaned through equitable CS implementation. 

CS Values and Impacts

When considering how Values and Impacts of implementing CS Education connect, consider: 

  • Personal Agency, Joy and Fulfillment student experience as a result of implementing coding clubs or robotics, robotics competition programming.
  • Economic Workforce Development as students have access to higher level educational experiences, and access to careers in their communities.
  • Competencies and Literacies through the development of Computational Thinking skills and development of programming skills.
  • School Reform and Improvement through taking a Systems Approach; Embracing Design Thinking methodologies; or embracing a Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) Model
  • Equity and Social Justice issues addressed through increased representation and access to resources such as If/Then Collective.
  • Technological, Social, and Scientific Innovation such as recent medical advancements as a result of technology i.e.; Robotic Surgery.
  • Citizenship and Civic Engagement through impacting systems such as Voting.


If you’re wondering what values are most important to you? Take the quiz: https://www.visionsquiz.csforall.org/