Unplugged CS Activities

I am not sure how your campus or state handles testing, but on my campus, we have internet sanctions the week of testing to preserve all bandwidth for any student online testing. For half the week, we will have regular class rotations but not computers!
What does a computer science teacher do? 
Unplugged Activities! 

One of my favorite resources is the classic CS Unplugged organization website. They have all the printables and explanations on the site for free.  You can even print the whole teacher book! It is licensed under creative commons. I find these activities scale up to my middle school students better than the current site activities. 

What are your favorite unplugged CS activities? 

I look forward to hearing your ideas!




Submitted by Sheri Schoonmaker on Sun, 05/05/2019 - 13:23

What a perfect week for a unit on cryptography!!!

Caesar Cipher

Vigenere Cipher

Scytale Ciphers

Enigma Pringles can

Ship flags

Knights Templar codes

ASCII & EBCDIC codes, both hex and decimal

And a scavanger hunt using all of these skills


My high school students then have to write a program to create a coder or decoder with either Caesar or Vigenere.  


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Submitted by Brenda Burmeister on Wed, 05/29/2019 - 13:11

Awesome idea, Sheri. 

I like how you also incorporate the unplugged activities into an activity with computers. 

Thanks for sharing!