Resource & Idea Sharing: Expanding Access to CS Ed

We recently began gathering your ideas for words that describe Equity in CS via this Menti. As the word cloud continues to grow, we will use the ideas you submit to help guide our community discussions.



This week, we see that the word ACCESS stands out in the word cloud, so we'd like to start a discussion about Access to CS.

Here are a few ways to engage in this week's discussion:

  • What does access to CS look like in your school or district?

  • What challenges have you experienced with providing access to CS this year?

  • What is one success you have experienced with providing access to CS this year?

  • What is one strategy you have tried or would like to try to create new CS learning opportunities and/or broaden participation in existing CS courses?

  • What is one resource you'd like to share related to expanding access to computer science education to all learners? 


Also, click here to share your ideas about 3 words that come to mind when you think of equity in CS


We look forward to the discussion -- please feel free to share on Twitter as well using #EquityinCS!



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Submitted by Vanessa Jones on Mon, 10/05/2020 - 7:55 pm EDT


CS Change the equation

As we continue to grow our Word Cloud this week we wanted to focus on ACCESS.  I love this graphic and the message. 

See blog about changing the equation.


Half of High School Seniors attend schools that don't offer computer Science. We MUST CHANGE the equation! 



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Submitted by Andrea Wilson Vazquez on Mon, 10/12/2020 - 3:17 pm EDT

I came across the [BASICS] Study (Barriers And Supports to Implementing Computer Science) a few months ago and have found the resources to be helpful when talking with various stakeholders about barriers and supports related to expanding access to computer science education.  

From their website, "The BASICS study strives to create and share research-informed resources and tools for the CS education community to support K-12 education efforts in the field." 

Here's the link to check out their study and resources: https://outlier.uchicago.edu/basics/