Reflecting and Planning for the New Year Series - Culture in the Classroom

I’m starting a series of discussions prior to school starting.  I'd like to have you all reflect on how your year went last year and think what you’d like to do this coming year that is similar or different and ...... invite you to share your thoughts here in this discussion thread.


This first topic is -Creating Culture in the Classroom.

I was lucky enough this year to move to a new classroom that allows me to have 32 desks on one side of the room and 38 computers on the other side of the room.

I've really liked this set up so that students are at desks to journal at the start of class, have small group discussions, and then lead in to whole group discussions or activities.  This has also allowed for a lot of discussion as to why the class is set up to have desks in groups of 4 vs rows or just computers.

I feel like allowing students to discover what we are doing in an off the computer way and then moving to the computer to apply and reinforce what concept we are learning has been very beneficial in helping all students build a foundation of the concepts prior to diving into the online part of the work.

Classroom Setup