Have you used the GRID METHOD in your CS Classroom?

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It’s May! The end of the school year is within sites, but between now and then are probably an ocean of projects, grading, special school events, etc. to keep you on your toes. I guess we can celebrate once we’re done, right?

It’s also the time of year when we start looking back and evaluating how to make things better for next school year. One of the things I want to use next year is the Grid Method, created by the folks at Teach Better. I was introduced to the Grid Method by a colleague, and was extremely intrigued by the way it both engages students, as well as how it would allow me to meet with students and engage them individually.

According to the Teach Better YouTube page, “The Grid Method – Mastery Learning system is a student centered, self- paced, competency based system for any classroom or content. The system utilizes teacher created targets in structured Mastery Grids with easy-to-implement routines to maximize student achievement.

Students work through the grids at their own pace and take ownership of their learning. The targeted design of the Grids allows teachers to focus on student success and progress instead of day-to-day planning.

As a Grid Method teacher you will facilitating and guiding your students in learning, while increasing motivation, building relationships, and helping every student succeed at their own pace and on their own terms.”

I’m really thinking about using the Grid Method next year in my CS classes. I am planning to complete this free online course , and get help from my colleagues who are using it.

Have you used the Grid Method in CS your CS class? Do you have a sample grid you’d be willing to share? Let me know!





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Submitted by Portia Morrell on Sun, 05/05/2019 - 11:19

Thanks for sharing Bobby! I have to completely agree that self paced learning is the best way to go for CS. My Y8s have two units completely self paced and my Y10s are a hybrid, where I teach the concept first and they choose practice examples to reinforce the concept. Next year I plan on using choice menus where just like a 3 or 4 course meal, students will have to choose a main, 2 challenges (sides) and 1 desert (exit ticket). Although, these methods require a lot of planning it’s well worth it.

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Submitted by Bobby Oommen on Thu, 05/09/2019 - 10:44

Portia - 

Thanks for sharing! Yes, I've found a combination of self-paced and large group instruction works well (I call it the huddle-break), but really want to see if/how the grid method (and choice menus, as you mention), give me the one on one time that I want with students. 

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