Global Citizenship and CS Majors: Article Response

What comes to mind when you think of Global Citizenship? 

EdSurge recently published an opinion article: "Let's Teach Computer Science Majors to be Good Citizens. The Whole World Depends on It" that shares some interesting information:

  • National study involving a multiyear examination of how student worldviews are changing at more than 120 colleges and universities (IDEALS)
  • more than 5,500 responses pre/post 4 years
  • This study sought to uncover how students are changing in college, including how their academic majors might have an effect on their beliefs and attitudes.
  • The number of computer science majors who highly agreed with these statements decreased across their four years in college and resulted in lower overall citizenship scores when compared to students in other majors.
  • In other words, students in computer science were graduating college with less preparation than students in all other majors to become agents of responsible change in an increasingly global citizenry.


Graphic showing specific college majors' commitment to global citizenship. CS majors' commitment decreased 4.4% over 4 years.


Responses, reflections, ideas welcome!!

WHAT - What observations can we make about this study?

SO WHAT - What does this mean to us at CS educators? What possible implications does this study have for CS education?

NOW WHAT - So what can we do about this? How does K-12 CS education play into this?