Equity in Computer Science...What Does that Mean to You?

Equity in computer science has been defined in so many different ways. Most of the time the definition connects to personal experiences and a person's current reality.

What does equity in computer science mean to you? Describe your current Computer science reality.

Reminder that this group is all about hearing the different voices of our community. It's a collaborative group where we share ideas, resources and learn from each other. Also remember that we are all teachers, but most importantly, we are all learners!



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Submitted by Andrea Wilson Vazquez on Mon, 09/21/2020 - 14:50

Hi everyone! 

For me, equity in CS means broadening participation by designing CS ed learning opportunities that are inclusive, relevant and engaging for all learners. I love the NCWIT Engagement Practices Framework for guidance on designing these learning opportunities:

  • Make it Matter
  • Build Student Confidence and Professional Identity
  • Grow an Inclusive Community

This framework applies across K-12 and higher ed, and aligns with best practices from culturally responsive teaching and inclusive CS/STEM education recommendations.

Check out the full NCWIT Engagement Practices Framework here: https://www.ncwit.org/engagement-practices-framework 


I look forward to hearing your ideas about equity in CS! Join the conversation here by posting your ideas to our discussion community, and/or join us on Twitter using the hashtag #equityincs.


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Submitted by Vanessa Jones on Mon, 09/21/2020 - 14:58


As stated before, equity has been defined in so many ways. When I think of equity in computer science, I think of a movement that meets the needs of all students. To me, equity means giving ALL students the opportunity to learn the basics in computer science. Students do not have to major in computer science or become computer science engineers, but learning how a computer works should be an opportunity provided to all students.  We know that students have devices and we also know that students are using these devices, but do students really know how these devices work?


For a deeper dive into equity in computer science #equityincs check out the k12CS framework. https://k12cs.org/equity-in-computer-science-education/

Join our conversation and post your thoughts about how you would define equity in computer science? Has this definition changed because of Covid-19.  We are looking forward to reading your thoughts!