Connect with a Computer Scientist!

Bring lessons to life by connecting your students with a scientist! The Skype a Scientist program matches classrooms with scientists from a wide range of fields to classrooms around the world. Check out the list of available scientists here. There are currently close to 1000 scientists signed up and over 40 of them are computer scientists. 

My class has connected with numerous scientists from across the United States over the past few years through this program. Scientists we have have talked to have included...

  • an astronomer who studies exoplanets
  • a material chemist
  • a biologist studying the impact of climate change on the body size of mammals
  • a theoretical physicist/mathematician whose work focused on clouds and thunderstorms
  • a evolutionary microbiologist who studied how genes can influence what bacteria end up populating the gut of closely related wasps
  • an agricultural and biological engineer who studied greenhouse gas emissions from restored floodplains in the Midwest

Although some of the scientist we were able to talk to were not specifically computer scientists, we were able to gain information from them for our own investigations and programming projects. For example, students created an experiment to investigate the greenhouse effect using Raspberry Pis + SenseHats and a program they wrote in Scratch.


students with their experiment


We investigated the greenhouse effect today and used Raspberry Pis with Sense HATs to measure the temperature of a container covered in plastic wrap versus one without a cover. #scratch #CSforAll #raspberrypi #teach180 pic.twitter.com/GR4hK76ZyP

— Lisa Rode (@roderunners) December 12, 2018




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Submitted by Nancy McGowan on Sat, 09/14/2019 - 21:43


This is an AMAZING resource.  Thank you so much for sharing and providing details as to how your class was able to utilize computer science to expand your classroom and conduct your own scientific research!