Bebras Challenge and other recruitment strategies

I'm starting to look ahead to next year and potential recruitment strategies for AP CSP. Some schools have a pipeline... Online, it's more challenging. I do have an Intro. to CS course that I hope will encourage students to try out CS and then send them towards my AP CSP class.... It's working alright... but I want to do more.

This year, I'm going to try to recruit students from other online classes to be part of my Bebras Computing Challenge team. My hope is that other teachers will post my "announcement" that I've sent along, and that all kinds of students who wouldn't normally consider CS will try it out and love it. 


Here's what I sent them:

Do you like solving puzzles and brain teasers? Try this challenge puzzle! Want to try out more puzzles like it? Join the Bebras Computing Challenge! You'll get to solve 15 puzzles in 45 minutes during this month-long asynchronous virtual competition! This challenge connects participants in over 30 countries through puzzles! Sign up with Ms. Rebekah Lang, by November 6th!

Email me your:

  • Name
  • Age/Grade
  • Email Address

And she'll include you in her PA Homeschoolers Challenge class!

PS. No computer science knowledge needed. Open for grades 1 - 12, so invite a sibling or two, too!



What other recruitment strategies do you use for either in-person or online AP CSP classes? What have you found works well? What seems to be a waste of effort?