CS for All Teachers Support Staff

CS for All Teachers is maintained by the American Institutes for Research (AIR). Members of the AIR support team are listed in alphabetical order. Please feel free to contact us for further information. General comments and requests may be sent to CSforallTeachers@air.org.



Okori Christopher


Okori Christopher is currently a project technology specialist at AIR. He joined the CS for All Teachers team in December 2015 and supports all aspects of the website and other technology-related tasks. At AIR, he leads technology support for other projects, including the Center for Coordinated Assistance to States (CCAS), The National Technical Assistance Center for the Education of Neglected or Delinquent Children and Youth (NDTAC), and the National Resource Center Healthy Safe Children (NRC). Prior to AIR, Okori worked in different social science services, including social work and mental health. He holds a M.S. in criminal justice, specializing in juveniles, from the University of Baltimore and a B.S. in psychology from Morgan State University.


Fanny Lee is a project specialist at AIR. On CS for All Teachers, she supports the research and evaluation team in trying to understand how users interact with and benefit from using the site. At AIR, Fanny serves on many federal and state education-related projects by providing project management, technical assistance, or research support. She has experience facilitating webinars and networked improvement communities. Fanny holds a M.A. in Early Childhood and Elementary Education from New York University. Fanny Lee



Victoria Lennon Victoria Lennon is a senior communication specialist at AIR. She joined CS for All Teachers in August 2018 and supports communications across the community. At AIR, Victoria provides account management, communication planning, communication strategy, materials development, message development, and writing and editing services to a variety of foundation and federal clients. She specializes in engaging communities and networks and collaborating on creative, timely and practical information-sharing. Victoria holds a B.A. in Journalism from Georgia State University.


Deirdre Magnan Deirdre Magnan is a technical project manager on the Learning Technologies Team at AIR who joined the CS for All Teachers team in August 2016. She assists with community facilitation and leadership and guides activity and product development with community ambassadors. Deirdre is passionate about supporting others through training and technical assistance - especially when it comes to  making online events and communities of practice engaging and accessible. Her other work at AIR includes chairing the employee resource group for remote employees as part of the institution's diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy; project management; and audiovisual media production and editing. Deirdre holds a B.A. in Environmental Studies, Humanities, and the Environment from Unity College. She is an AmeriCorps*VISTA alumna and Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Jamaica '03-'05).


Michelle Perry is a senior technical assistance consultant at AIR. She has been working with CS for All Teachers since 2013, providing technical support and guidance to members in the community. Since 2015, she has also been managing the social media content and overseeing the work of the Community Ambassadors. Michelle has over 18 years of experience in technical assistance and training, as well as integration of web-based learning tools for both K-12 and adult education. Her other work at AIR includes managing OCTAE’s LINCS Community and supporting the group moderators, serving as training and resource developer for the National Reporting System for Adult Education Support Project, and serving as the deputy director of Bureau of Justice Assistance’s Corrections & Community Engagement Technical Assistance Center. Michelle has co-authored or contributed to several documents about connected learning and professional development for K-12 educators and previously served as the community manager for Intel’s Teachers Engage virtual community. She has also provided technical assistance, training and research support to various youth health and education programs. Michelle P


Robert Schwarzhaupt, MA, is a Quantitative Research Associate at AIR and is part of the Research and Evaluation team for the CS Teachers for All project. Mr. Schwarzhaupt operationalizes research concepts, conceptualizes logic models, and performs data analysis on a variety of CS for All Teachers data sources to assist with effective implementation of the CS for All teacher community of practice. At AIR, Mr. Schwarzhaupt also assists in research study design and performs quantitative analysis and on school climate, social & emotional learning, and healthcare intervention evaluations. Mr. Schwarzhaupt also works on a number of survey and data reporting projects including the Boy Scouts of America's BEST Surveys, the Institute for Museum and Library Services' Public Library Survey, the Cleveland School District's Condition's For Learning Survey, Nevada Department of Education’s School Climate Survey, and Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ Patient Experience of Care Survey. Robert holds an M.A. in Psychology from the University of Chicago and a B.A. in Social Theory and Practice from the University of Michigan. Robert S


 Joey Wilson


Joseph P. Wilson, Dr. Joseph ("Joey") P. Wilson, co-PI, is an engineer, educator, and researcher who is passionate about an equitable and just society, systems-level innovations, strategic partnerships, and staff development. He is currently a Principal Consultant at the American Institutes for Research (AIR), where he is focused on ensuring all students have equitable access to rigorous STEM and computer science (CS) education. Joey is a former high school STEM teacher, former National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow, and current National Science Foundation Principal Investigator.