CS Games and Enrichment Activities

I am always in search of websites and activities for my students to complete beyond our class time.  I often direct my classes to the Code.org website as an option for those who finish their work early, or for students who welcome extra challenges. Since the launch of the Hour of Code in 2013, the number of activities and resources on the Code.org website has grown tremendously.  There are so many well done, self-directed tutorials and lesson plans available to teachers and students and I appreciate that these Hour of Code activities are available year round. During the celebration of last month's Computer Science Education Week, we asked our students for their feedback on some of the activities they enjoyed the most.  

Here are a few of my students' favorites from the Hour of Code, as well as a number of other resources that I like to use in my classes! 

Silent Teacher -  A great introduction and preview to Python.
Lightbot - Students love this logical sequencing game.
AI for Oceans - This is a fun introduction to artificial intelligence and machine learning. 
Dark Tunnel - Build a text adventure game in Python. 
Space Adventure - My fifth graders enjoyed working through these CoffeeScript challenges.
Dance Party - A perennial favorite since 2019!
Grasshopper - I recently used this as an extension activity for my eighth graders during a Javascript unit. My students enjoyed these bite-sized puzzles!
Drawing with Code - This oldie but goodie by Khan Academy offers an engaging Javascript tutorial. 

What are some of your favorite go-to resources for extra practice and fun?



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Submitted by Jessica Collings on Wed, 01/13/2021 - 15:01

I also use code.org and direct my students there when they have completed their assignments. I love the Hour of Code activities.  Thank you for sharing your students' favorites.  Great list!