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Announcing Our Newest Discussion Group - Equity and Access in CS

Equity and Access in CS is an interactive group focused on equity and access in computer science. It is facilitated by CS for All Teachers Community Ambassadors Vanessa Jones and Andrea Wilson Vazquez. The goal of the group is call out equity in CS education at all levels, including awareness, access, engagement, achievement, integration, and impact in the world around us.

Vanessa is a Technology Design Coach in the Austin Independent School District in Austin, Texas. Vanessa was one of the writers of the the K-12 Computer Science Framework with a focus on Equity in Computer Science and is a member of the 100Kin10 Diversifying the STEM Teacher Pipeline Project Team. In addition to being a teacher and innovative instructional coach in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Andrea is Director of Educator Training at Code Savvy, a non-profit that empowers youth and educators with knowledge, skills, and support to create new things with computer science, while interrupting and counteracting gender, racial, and economic gaps in computing.

If you are seeking ways to engage, reflect and act, Equity and Access in CS is the group for you. Join today by going to the Community tab at the top of your page, select All Groups from the drop-down list, scroll down to and click on the title Equity and Access in CS, click on the link at the right under Membership Tools to request access!



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Submitted by Shruti Sanghavi on Thu, 09/10/2020 - 10:13 pm EDT

This current era of virtual teaching truly brings out issues of equity and access across all subjects.  As a math teacher, trying to meet each student where they are, it becomes more difficult when we have students with IEPs , English Language Learners, and those that dually identified.

It is also interesting to see how some students just want to watch videos and do learning on their own, and alternatively, there are students who want to share their screens on zoom and for me to walk them through finding their classes and assignments on Canvas.  I am taking the time to make my students comfortable on their own, and told them that I will support them and do it with them each time until they are ready to go at it alone.

I am also finding that this new teaching era is isolating some teachers who are not tech savvy.  I have been working one on one with teacher friends who are struggling with learning so much technology in such a short period of time.


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Submitted by Vanessa Jones on Sun, 09/13/2020 - 2:45 pm EDT

I'm so excited to be part of this discussion especially now with our current reality. Join our Group and add to our discussions or let us know what discussions you would like for us to take a Deep Dive into!   We are just starting this group and totally open to ideas, thoughts and most importantly your voices!