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Staff Spotlight: Okori Christopher

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Each month, we highlight a member of the CS for All Teachers community. Here, we get to know a staff member on the CS for All Teachers project team.

Okori Christopher


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Name: Okori Christopher

Title: Project Technology Specialist

Work Location: Rockville, MD

Years on project: 3

Role on project: Website Task Lead



What have you learned working with this community? Has anything in particular surprised you?

Just that the community, as a whole, is very passionate about the work they do. The energy the teachers exude makes me want to do whatever I can to help strengthen and further their reach - not just within the community, but beyond. To put it simply, the community gives me focus.

What do you enjoy most about working on CS for All Teachers?

Three words - research, testing, and implementation. Technology is an ever-changing entity. This work allows me to look to the digital horizon for tools, functions, mechanisms, etc. to help improve functionality.

Write a poem or haiku describing what working with this community and fellow CS for All Teachers staff is like.

Look beyond the stars

Reach for the unexpected

Focus on the goal



What is your first memory about CS?

I went to a computer science summer camp when I was in middle school. It opened my eyes to technology and introduced me to DOS.

Outside of CS for All Teachers, what types of projects do you work on?

Juvenile justice, behavioral and mental health, audio and video production, website coordination, and webinar facilitation and support (just to name a few)

What program or app can you absolutely not live without? What makes it so indispensable?

I guess the popular answer is an internet browser app (Chrome, Firefox, Opera - if that is still a thing). Without it, my reach is limited to that of the programs on my phone.

How do you unwind or recharge after a long day (week, month, etc.) of work? Any hobbies, special talents, or favorite vacation spots you'd like to share?

I like stillness. Any opportunity I get to unplug and look at clouds, in an open field or near the ocean, is my idea of unwinding.



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Submitted by neil plotnick on Mon, 05/06/2019 - 13:42

Opera is indeed still an active browser project.

I used it extensively back in the day when it was the first browser that supported tabbed browsing. I tend to rely almost exclusively on Chrome these days.