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Website Patch Notes 8.26.19

Hello members,

Do you have a favorite resource, event, or blog post you’re just itching to share on social media? Now with the push of a button, you have access to 184 (yes, 184!!!) social media platforms at your disposal. We are pleased to announce the inclusion of social media integration on 

Social media integration is a module on our community site that allows members to post to social media account(s) outside of our website. You will find the following buttons above each content type. Simply click on the one where you'd like to share content and follow the steps to do so.

Social Media Buttons

Let us know what you think! As always, we welcome and encourage your feedback about any features you think could be added or improved. Please contact us at with any thoughts or concerns about the community site. 

We hope you enjoy this new feature and continue to help us build a solid community of computer science educators and learners alike!