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Staff Spotlight: Victoria Lennon

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Each month, we highlight a member of the CS for All Teachers community. Here, we get to know a staff member on the CS for All Teachers project team.

Victoria Lennon

Victoria Lennon

Name:Victoria Lennon

Title: Senior Communications Specialist

Work Location: Atlanta, GA

Years on project: 1.5

Role on project: Communications Support



What have you learned working with this community? Has anything in particular surprised you?

My biggest "ah-ha!" moment thus far has been around computational thinking. If you asked me two years ago what it meant, I'd have offered up a weak guess like, "something to do with coding?" Now I understand it is a valuable - and arguably essential - learning and life skill. Similarly, I now see CS as something to incorporate in any subject.

What do you enjoy most about working on CS for All Teachers?

I'm inspired by the passion and creativity teachers of CS bring to their work, which then flows to the community through the sharing of ideas, resources, and support for one another. It truly feels like the rising tide is lifting all the boats! I also love the CS for All Teachers team here at AIR - we all bring something good to the table!

Write a poem or haiku describing what working with this community and fellow CS for All Teachers staff is like.

Computation, yes!

Thinking about best process.

These tools take you far.



What is your first memory about CS?

Playing Lemonade Stand and Oregon Trail on an Apple IIe in my school's computer lab.

Outside of CS for All Teachers, what types of projects do you work on?

Here at AIR, I provide communications strategy and support to a variety of projects ranging from Networked Improvement Communities working to improve instruction and student engagement to public health clients tackling HIV. I am so lucky to both love my job and work with really smart people.

What program or app can you absolutely not live without? What makes it so indispensable?

Instagram! And here's an example of why: My sisters and I were at a store in Rockland, ME last August when we came upon a calico cat named Telltail hanging out in a hard-sided backpack with a bubble window. Yes, you read that right. I'd never seen anything like it in my life (he also walks on a leash!!). Turns out Telltail was raised on a boat. I now follow him (@telltailtravels) as he explores Maine by water and on land. And I get great joy from seeing what he's up to!

How do you unwind or recharge after a long day (week, month, etc.) of work? Any hobbies, special talents, or favorite vacation spots you'd like to share?

My happy place is cooking for my family and friends - I enjoy the start-to-finish nature of cooking and when people I care about end up liking what I've made. I started horseback riding after becoming a mom and love it - I've learned so much about myself working with a 1,000-plus-pound animal that is so intelligent and intuitive. As someone with wanderlust, it's hard to pick a favorite vacation spot but anywhere that is on or near water usually checks the box.