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Staff Spotlight: Jordan Carter

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Each month, we highlight a member of the CS for All Teachers community. Here, we get to know a staff member on the CS for All Teachers project team.

Jordan Carter

Jordan Carter

Name:Jordan Carter

Title: Research Associate

Work Location: Washington, D.C.

Years on project: Less than one

Role on project: Digital Marketing Specialist



What have you learned working with this community? Has anything in particular surprised you?

It's been a rewarding experience learning about the variety of PreK-12 computer science curricula. Rarely have I seen such an enthusiastic learning environment that not only harnesses real-world innovation but also best practices for students in and outside of a classroom setting.

What do you enjoy most about working on CS for All Teachers?

It's a tie between supporting veteran community members in thinking outside the box and authoring organic digital content!

Write a poem or haiku describing what working with this community and fellow CS for All Teachers staff is like.

Near or far

we're present

a smile, emerges.



What is your first memory about CS?

In college, I was fascinated with programming languages and took a web development course. Since then, I've become more and more interested in human-computer interaction.

Outside of CS for All Teachers, what types of projects do you work on?

Much of what I do supports design specification and coordination of data for projects on safe supportive learning and civil rights.

What program or app can you absolutely not live without? What makes it so indispensable?

Giphy, hands down. Whether I'm expressing a mood to someone or just don't know what to say in words, a gif gets the job done. I mean, who doesn't like a good gif?

How do you unwind or recharge after a long day (week, month, etc.) of work? Any hobbies, special talents, or favorite vacation spots you'd like to share?

Reading early in the morning and before bed.



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Submitted by Clark Merkley on Fri, 07/17/2020 - 2:38 pm EDT

Thanks, Jordan. Great to get to know you a little better!