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Staff Spotlight: Fanny Lee

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Each month, we highlight a member of the CS for All Teachers community. Here, we get to know a staff member on the CS for All Teachers project team.

Fanny Lee


Fanny Lee


Name: Fanny Lee

Title: Project Specialist

Work Location: Remote from Tacoma, WA

Years on project: This is my first year

Role on project: Supporting Task 3's Research Collaborative



What have you learned working with this community? Has anything in particular surprised you?

I'm not a Twitter user—despite having an account—so it's been really interesting to see the various ways people use Twitter, from celebrating successes to finding resources. It seems more useful than I imagined!

What do you enjoy most about working on CS for All Teachers?

My colleagues have helped catapult me into the 21st century on all things tech.



What is your first memory about CS?

My dad worked with computers, so he'd always bring home these reams of paper with the holes along the side and perforations in the middle.

Outside of CS for All Teachers, what types of projects do you work on?

I mainly work on education-related projects, supporting state and local clients.

What program or app can you absolutely not live without? What makes it so indispensable?

The Safeway and Fred Meyer apps—they let me know what's on sale at the grocery store that week and help me figure out what we're eating.

How do you unwind or recharge after a long day (week, month, etc.) of work? Any hobbies, special talents, or favorite vacation spots you'd like to share?

When we lived outside of Chicago, one of our favorite places to visit was the shoreline along the western side of Lake Michigan, especially South Haven.