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Staff Spotlight: Brian Litke

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Each month, we highlight a member of the CS for All Teachers community. Here, we get to know a staff member on the CS for All Teachers project team.

Brian Litke

Brian Litke

Name: Brian Litke

Title: Senior Web Development Specialist

Work Location: Austin, TX

Years on project: 1.5

Role on project: Web Development Support



What have you learned working with this community? Has anything in particular surprised you?

The CS for All Teachers  community of practice has allowed me to work on a site with thousands of participants. Over the past 30 years, the internet has evolved from a place to find content to a place you can logon and post content while participating in a learning community. It’s exciting to work on a site that is well used by so many educators.

What do you enjoy most about working on CS for All Teachers?

I'm challenged to find solutions for difficult problems. With traditional websites that aren’t interactive, web development is largely about posting content. For the CS for All Teachers  community of practice, we’re trying to expand ways for users to exchange information between community members.

Write a poem or haiku describing what working with this community and fellow CS for All Teachers staff is like.

Knowledge encoded

And displayed as color light

Your mind absorbing



What is your first memory about CS?

My family bought a PCjr, which was like one of the old IBM XT computers with a 5-1/4” floppy drive. I checked out issues of Compute! magazine from my high school library and typed in game programs from various issues.

Outside of CS for All Teachers, what types of projects do you work on?

I am involved with a variety of websites. I might post videos and make them accessible with text transcripts one day and the next I am installing Moodle, a learning management system (LMS) used to post online courses for students.

What program or app can you absolutely not live without? What makes it so indispensable?

I cannot do my job without Google. I joke that as a programmer, my job is to Google, then copy and paste. It seems like every technical problem that exists has been experienced by someone else and posted on the internet to benefit the people that have that problem, too.

How do you unwind or recharge after a long day (week, month, etc.) of work? Any hobbies, special talents, or favorite vacation spots you'd like to share?

I walk my dogs daily, and I still feel like they don’t get enough of my time. I enjoy spending time outdoors.