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NSF is looking for CSforAll: Research and RPPs proposal reviewers

This blog is posted on behalf of Dr. Jeff Forbes from the National Science Foundation (NSF). 



I hope you are doing well under the current uncertain and difficult circumstances. NSF is now preparing for proposal submissions for the Computer Science for All (CSforAll: Research and RPPs) and other broadening participation in computing programs. The quality of the awards selected for support by the National Science Foundation depends greatly on the critical judgments of expert reviewers from diverse backgrounds. If you are willing to serve as a reviewer, please follow the link below to provide some information about your background.  Responses submitted by April 13 will be most helpful.

I realize that now is a severely disruptive time, especially for those of you whose institutions are shutting their doors. Please do not take this request as a lack of recognition of what you are going through at the moment. Yet, many researchers are relying on NSF funding, so we are trying to maintain a steady stream of proposal evaluations and awards. We really appreciate any help you could provide in this endeavor.


Jeff Forbes