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New Professional Development Course on Making CS More Inclusive and Diverse

CS for All Teachers is excited to announce the upcoming Strategies for Effective and Inclusive CS Teaching, a free professional development course led by Community Ambassadors Vanessa K. Jones and Andrea Wilson Vazquez, who co-facilitate the Equity and Access in CS Group

The course is designed to support teachers in making their CS courses more inclusive and diverse. It is primarily intended for the secondary CS teacher, but the strategies and research addressed are applicable for addressing equity and inclusion in any STEM course. The course is divided up into six modules and features the following topics:

  • Inclusive recruitment strategies
  • Working with course gatekeepers such as counselors and other teachers
  • Examining your own unconscious bias and cultural misunderstanding
  • Leveraging CS as a tool for addressing social justice
  • Culturally responsive pedagogy
  • CS for neurodiverse learners
  • Intersectionality and its impact on CS identity
  • Applying research-based strategies such as pair programming, CS role models, connecting CS to students’ lives, and building a growth mindset specific to CS

Strategies for Effective and Inclusive CS Teaching runs February 22-April 9, 2021. Click here for more information and to register for the course.