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DOLE WHIP CS: A Strategy to Create Engaging CS Lessons for ALL!

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Whether you’re in a state that has fully adopted K12 Computer Science Standards (California Standards), or you’re new to implementing CS in your classroom, school, or district, there are so many fun and engaging ways to integrate CS. But where do you begin? What will your point of entry be? These questions provide a great opportunity to put on your Project Based Learning (PBL) hat to create an innovative learning experience to engage your students in CS!

With inspiration from work developed during the PBL Leadership Academy at High Tech High, how about developing a DOLE WHIP CS Lesson? I know, another acronym, right? But this one, when implemented with fidelity helps us to: Deliver Outstanding Learning Experiences (DOLE) that are Wildly engaging, have  High impact, and provide Instant feedback through intentional Pedagogical practices (WHIP). 

While admittedly developing the lesson through the lens of this strategy is more work, it's so worth the reward! For example, using this sample lesson plan on Variables you’ll notice it begins with the classic PBL prompt that guides you to consider points of engagement, pedagogy, and content. With rich connections across content to Math, Science, Language Arts, or Social Studies, he CS standards shine in creating real-world connections CS students can see and apply!

Want to learn more? Join us in January for a webinar where we’ll take a deep dive into the DOLE WHIP CS lesson planning strategy and explore ways to engage students through lessons that make CS accessible to ALL learners.


Omar Shepherd is a Curriculum Specialist in STEM and Career Education with the Orange County Department of Education. He also serves as an ambassador for Girls Who Code (GWC); facilitator for Advance Placement Computer Science Principles for; president of the Orange County Chapter of Computing Using Educators; as well as regional partner with the Robotics Education and Competition Foundation bringing access to competitive robotics experiences for ALL students in the region. 




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Submitted by Luis De Mendoza on Mon, 12/21/2020 - 11:06 am EST


You have hooked me! I am really interested in your planned DOLE WHIP webinar. I hope to be able to join. Thanks for the quality post!

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Submitted by CS for All Teachers on Fri, 01/08/2021 - 10:11 am EST

Hi Luis - so glad you found Omar's blog helpful. His webinar has just been scheduled for January 27, 7:30-8:30 pm ET. Check back with us on the Events page for the posting, which will include a registration link. Or follow us on Twitter - @CSforAllTchrs - for link to registration. Thanks!