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CURATED! A Compilation of Resources for the CS Classroom

Thanks to all the CS10K Community members who have been posting great material to support CS teachers in their classrooms, we now have a content treasure trove on the site. The web also provides amazing material that can help you present this exciting subject in creative and engaging ways to your students. But choosing from all the options—once you’ve started searching—is daunting: how do you select the winners from the ringers? And especially important, how do you know which material lines up with the Exploring Computer Science (ECS) curriculum, or the Computer Science Principles (CSP) framework you’re following? The answer: curated content.

During the course of this school year, we will release a series of products—organized by course and topic—with curated content from our website and other trusted sources to enrich your classroom experiences. Bob Juranitch and John Landa, two very special, talented, and experienced CS10K teachers are working hard to prepare this CSP and ECS material for you. 

This blog post announces the publication of the first of these products, CSP Number 1: Base Conversions: Binary, Decimal, and Hexadecimal.” In it Bob explains the CONTENT, describes the PEDAGOGY, provides LESSON PLANS, and encourages you to SHARE YOUR OWN RESOURCES related to this very fundamental aspect of computing.

Watch for John’s first ECS curation, “ECS Number 1: Unit 1 Human Computer Interaction,” coming soon.