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Check out #MouseSpark!

(This message is being posted on behalf of one of our CS education partners, Mouse.)

Celebrate Computer Science Education Week with Mouse Spark, a no cost version of our Mouse Create platform, with access to our Coding and Intro to Design courses, both aligned to K-12 CS Framework and ISTE Standards and developed with NSF backing.  Mouse is now providing membership options to fit every budget in order to empower learning communities everywhere to reach and see their potential to create with technology and make meaningful change, locally and globally. #MouseSpark offers access for all youth and educators to engage with creative technology and computer science.

Join Mouse Create

To join the Mouse Create network, educators must first sign up for a free Mouse Create Spark Membership or a full membership. After receiving your unique educator code, any educators from your site can use the code to register for Mouse Create. Learn about all the courses Mouse offers and check out the Mouse Create video, featuring their online learning platform.

Mouse Spark Create Accounts

Mouse is now able to offer no cost memberships due to the generous support of funders and their dedication and commitment to foster greater equity, diversity, and humanity in STEM. Mouse builds private and public partnerships to provide financial support and subsidized access to our full membership when possible for underserved schools and districts. If you are a school or district, or educational program that serves an under resourced community please indicate on your Mouse Spark Application that you are interested in getting a Full Membership your site is eligible for a grant sponsorship.

About Mouse

Mouse, which recently merged with Code/Interactive, is a national nonprofit that empowers all youth and educators to engage with computer science and creative technology to solve real problems and make meaningful change in our world.