Programming is a creative process that enables problem solving, human expression and creation of knowledge. It uses mathematical and logical concepts and is facilitated by appropriate abstractions. Programs are developed and used by people, and they are written to execute algorithms.


100% Free ScratchJr and Scratch Curriculum

Over the past couple of years I have been developing a 100% free to use curriculum that includes projects and resources designed specifically for elementary coders and educators with little or no c

Teaching Privacy Curriculum

The Teaching Privacy curriculum from the International Computer Science Institute and UC Berkeley has a full set of freely-available, classroom-tested lesson plans for teaching abo

Micro:bit Emulator and Sample Programs

Many of you are aware of the emulator for the Micro:bit. Here is the website and some example programs you or your students can tinker around with. 

Chromebook and Chapter 3 Answered

Has anyone had to use the Chrome OS to teach chapter 3? Looking for insight as to the best way to go about this. Thanks, Therese Valente

Analyze Your Scratch Project with Dr. Scratch

I came across a really cool resource that analyzes your Scratch Projects.  You simply copy the URL of your students project and it gives the project a rating based on 7 criteria: Flow Control, Data